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Mesa Verde Middle School Teacher Directory

Office: 858-538-5478 | FAX: 858-538-8636 |  Attendance Hotline: 858-538-5692
General Inquires:  [email protected] 
Name Title E-Mail
Askar, Cherene Science [email protected]
Berry, Rachel Special Education
Besgen, Olaf
6th Grade Humanities
[email protected] 
Bingham, Cassie 6th/7th Humanities [email protected]
Bird, Russ Science [email protected]
Buckman, Rahmin Math [email protected]
Cokkinis, Diane PE [email protected]
Collingwood, Stephanie Science [email protected]
Cruise, Kim 6th Grade Humanities [email protected]
Doty, Taylor Science [email protected]
Dusi, Alisa 6th Grade Humanities [email protected]
Escalona, Benhair Spanish [email protected]
Ferguson, Heather Teacher Librarian [email protected]
Fice, Danielle
ASB Director
[email protected]
Hanson, Jennifer 8th Grade Humanities [email protected]
Holman, Tori Special Education [email protected] 
Jackson, Traci Math [email protected]
Kangas, Erik Math [email protected]
Kangas, Kelly 8th Grade Humanities [email protected]
Kennedy, Kristen Special Education [email protected] 
Lawrence, Meghann 6th Grade Humanities [email protected]
Lester, Michael 7th Grade Humanities [email protected]
Lopez, Ramon
Project Lead the Way
Mahlow, Tessa Visual and Performing Arts [email protected]
Maniago, Bianca Math [email protected]
Markopoulos, Erica 7th Grade Humanities [email protected]
McCoy, Aimee 8th Grade Humanities [email protected]
McFarland, Aaron 8th Grade Humanities [email protected] 
McKercher, Ian PE [email protected]
McKercher, Skye 7th Grade Humanities [email protected]
Meloy, Michelle ​6th Grade Humanities
7th Grade Humanities
[email protected]
Mill, Adam Special Education [email protected]
Miller, Stephanie Special Education [email protected]
Milling, Elise 8th Grade Humanities
Visual and Performing Arts
[email protected]
Morrison, Craig PE [email protected]
Norris, Jessica Special Education [email protected] 
Okleshen, Steven Special Education [email protected] 
Perkio, Danielle 7th Grade Humanities [email protected]
Posteraro, Jay Visual and Performing Arts [email protected]
Pratt, Chris Math [email protected] 
Schatzinger, Lauren 7th Grade Humanities [email protected]
Strachan, Greg 8th Grade Humanities [email protected]
Tompkins, Carrie Math [email protected]
Tran, Shawn 7th Grade Humanities
Yearbook Advisor
[email protected] 
Woo, Jonathan Science [email protected]
Wood, Shelbey 6th Grade Humanities [email protected]  
Yengo, Jessica 8th Grade Humanities [email protected]
Zambruski, Nicole Science [email protected]