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Bike Permits

Bike Permits are required!


As of October 2nd, bike permits are required for all bicycles, scooters, E-bikes, and skateboards. If your student turned in the Permit Application and passed the online quiz, they should come into the front office to pick up their permit. MVMS will be conducting surprise Permit checks. We will be looking for permit# and names that match the bicycles, scooters, E-bikes and skateboards. Moving forward there will be consequences for bike permit violations:

  • ​​1st offense: Warning
  • 2nd offense: Student Conference, review of requirements with staff member/administrator and written reflection
  • 3rd offense: Student Conference, parent contact, possible safety class participation (with SRO contact)
  • 4th offense: Student / parent conference with possible loss of bike parking privileges


NOTE: The privilege of parking the bike/scooter/E-bike/skateboard may be suspended or revoked by administration if a student does not obey the above, or other reasonable safety rules and regulations.


Click here for more information on the bike permits including the application and online quiz.